Your Junior ISA

The good news is that the Government has arranged for you to have a special savings account called a Junior ISA and has put aside £200 to open it for you. Your Local Authority has to provide enough information for us to open the account for you, and all local authorities in the UK have now done this.

Need more info?

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Our job at Sharefound is to:

  • open the account at one of the Junior ISA providers who's working with us and is best for your needs;
  • make sure it's being run properly and supply information on its progress to your Local Authority and, if you or your carer ask them to give us your details, we'll keep you informed too;
  • provide guidance on how to manage your money including, once you're 16, your Junior ISA if you wish - try downloading from the links below;
  • raise extra money which can build your account so it can be really helpful once you reach 18.

'Making Your Money Work For You' is a really helpful guide to handling money - click on the age range that's right for you: