Latest news on Stepladder of Achievement Roll-out ..

Testing went well during Winter 2016/17, the web application for Stepladder having gone live on Monday 19th September. Young people in care are being welcomed onto the Stepladder programme from a small number of local authorities as early funding permits. These first local authorities include Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea in London, and Buckinghamshire, Solihull, Cumbria, Kingston and Hillingdon, As funding becomes available the roll-out will pick up pace during 2017. We're keen to welcome local authorities in Scotland, Wales and health trusts in Northern Ireland.

In order for us to bring a local authority onto Stepladder we need:

1. Voluntary funding to provide the step payments and cost of mentoring;

2. The co-operation of the local authority including virtual head teachers, and a discussion on how they would like to see it supported in terms of mentoring.

3. The active involvement of young people eligible to take part, of course!

If you want us to fast-track your local authority, contact us at The Share Foundation: call 01296-310400.